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 L a k e  P o w e l l
B o a t i n g  E x c u r s i o n s  


2 hour
Antelope Canyon Photo Tour

2 hr guided photography boat tour featuring Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, and Wahweap Bay. More info

$159 per passenger


Private Water Sports Boat Tour

 Includes: wake boarding, wake sports, water skiing, knee boarding, swimming. More info

Half-Day (4 hours)

6 hr
Full-Day (8 hours)

What People are saying about Lake Powell Experience...

Captured by our Passengers

"Highlight of our entire trip even above the Grand Canyon plane ride! A must do for anyone in Page! You won’t be disappointed."

Petrey, VA


2hr Antelope Canyon Photo Tour

Unleash your inner photographer as you embark on our small group guided photography boat tour through Antelope Canyon, immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of its natural rock formations and captivating lighting conditions. Antelope Canyon is renowned as one of the most iconic destinations for photographers, and our excursion ensures that you can capture its stunning essence without the hassle of large crowds on enclosed boats. We provide open bow boats with limited passenger capacity, prioritizing your comfort and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the panoramic views that unfold before you. Our exclusive photo excursion offers the opportunity to capture the scenic walls of Antelope Canyon, the majestic Glen Canyon Dam, and the breathtaking beauty of Wahweap Bay. Our friendly captains will be there to assist you in capturing incredible photos and portraits. They might even let you curate the playlist for an added personal touch. Your photos and footage are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your social platforms! Additionally, during the warmer months from June - September, you are welcome to bring a towel and take a refreshing swim in Antelope Canyon.  Read more

$159 per adult

Combo Package

We have collaborated with local, Navajo-owned companies to curate fully planned itineraries with a variety of activities in the Page and Lake Powell area. We understand the challenges of planning, so we have simplified the process by offering carefully selected options for you to customize your experience. To explore and book the various activities available, simply click on the "More Info" button for detailed information and convenient booking options.

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