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W a h w e a p

W i n d o w

G u i d e d    H i k e

Boat Ride  |  Hike  |  Swim

Wahweap Window is a natural arch located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near the Utah, Arizona border. Its stunning beauty and breathtaking views captivate visitors from all over the world. Standing over 250 feet tall, this magnificent formation serves as an excellent viewpoint of Lake Powell, stunning vistas, towering cliffs, and vibrant desert vegetation. 


Wahweap Window is particularly enchanting as photographers and and hiking enthusiasts flock to this spot to capture the beauty of the natural world. 

Hikers will enjoy a a short boat ride from the public boat docks below the Wahweap Main Launch Ramp. It is recommended that hikers should have previous hiking experience, be in good physical condition, and be able to hike a distance of 3 miles. This hike has elevation gains of approximately 160 feet with some steep sections, sandstone terrain, and loose sand.

Our guided hikes cater to smaller groups which allows us to provide a more personalized experience as we access areas that would otherwise feel crowded with larger groups. Hikers can expect to enjoy captivating stories about culture, history, geography, and desert plant and and animal life.

Trip Overview

Moderate hiking

Distance: approx 2 miles (this fluctuates due to water levels.)

Time: 2 hours

Season: Spring, Fall, Winter

Skill & Fitness Level: Must be able to hike 3 miles on a moderate hiking trail

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