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Lake Powell Private Water Sports Tours

Our private water sports tour will likely be the highlight of your trip. This is a perfect way to meet the interests of everyone in your group. Kids and parents will love being able to get in the water, swim and explore, and try out wake sports on Lake Powell. Our US Coast Guard licensed captains are certified USA Watersport instructors prepared to help educate beginner and intermediate learners how to get up on boards and skis. Perhaps the best thing about our boating excursions is that we take all of the work out of it so that everyone can have fun.

Private Half-Day (4 hour) Water Sports Tour


Perhaps the best thing about our Private Water Sports Tours is that you get to experience the thrill and excitement of water activities in addition to the stunning views of the desert scape and sandstone backdrops that will make your photos look spectacular. During a 4 or 6 hour tour, you'll embark on a journey through the open waters of Wahweap Bay, proceeding between the walls of Glen Canyon, with the option of entering the water portion of Antelope Canyon, passing Antelope Point Marina, and going into Navajo Canyon aboard one of our Axis Wake Surf boats. Because these are private excursions, there isn't a "set" pace or course to follow. We can go at your pace, spending the time as you desire.


Included in our tour is the boat, your captain, fuel, life vests, all boards, ropes and equipment for water sports, towels, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Due to popular demand, we've started offering boxed lunches that can be added to your booking (menu details are on the booking page.)


During the summer months, air temperature can range from 90-110 degrees F. Water temps range from low 70's to low 80's, making refreshing swims relaxing.

Footage from our passengers

Private 6 - 8hr (full-day) Water Sports Tours

We frequently get asked what the difference is between our Water Sports Tours. Longer tour times allow for more time playing on the water or accessing more canyons. On a 6 or 8-hour (full-day) tour, you would be able to enjoy the points of interest mentioned in the 4hr tour in addition to adding 1 or 2 additional canyons or simply spending more time recreating. Again, because there is no set pace, we ask that you communicate your interests to your captain upon checking in so that he will be able to curate an itinerary to your satisfaction.

Potential additional points of interest include Padre Bay, Face Canyon, West Canyon, Last Chance, Friendship Cove or Rock Creek. 

People often wonder how far up lake they can go. In a typical 8hr day, we won't go much further up lake than Rock Creek. But if you decide you want to hang out in a particular canyon, play at the beach and set up a picnic, that is completely okay. There is an abundance of canyons and open water that can satisfy your adventurous appetite. Unfortunately, we do not go to Rainbow Bridge.

Guests are welcome to bring any snacks or drinks they would like, (we ask that you avoid bringing items that could stain fabric/upholstery.) 

What to expect after making my reservation?

Upon making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email containing all of the necessary information for checking in, where to go, what to bring, etc. It contains a Google Navigation Pin that will take you to this parking location in addition to this bird's eye view map showing the parking location. As shown on the map, the email where to walk, and where to check-in with your captain. **PLEASE NOTE the distance from the parking lot to the boat dock is approximately 400 yards. Please consider the physical health/mobility of passengers in your group as all will be required to walk this distance in addition to being physically able to step into and off of the boat. There is not a shuttle service available. You may find that you have questions so we invite you to check out the FAQ's on our website. Of course, if your questions aren't answered on the website, don't hesitate to email or call us and we'll do our best to answer them for you.

How to Check In?

On the day of your excursion you will need to check in with your captain at the boat docks directly below the Wahweap Public Launch Ramp 15 minutes before start time. ​It takes approximately 20-30min to drive to the check-in location from Page, so be sure to plan accordingly. Follow this navigation pin that will take you to the parking lot of the Castle Rock Outlet Store. This is where you will park, (if there is not available parking in this lot, feel free to find a spot for "single car" parking close by.) There is a public restroom in the East corner of this parking lot, diagonally across from the Castle Rock Outlet Store. Once parked, follow the directions on the map that show you will need to walk down to the bottom of the launch ramp. Immediately below the launch ramp are two floating docks. The LEFT dock is where you will meet your captain. Look for the boat with the neon green flag displayed.

**One thing to note: Upon entrance into the Glenn Canyon National Recreation Area, ALL vehicles will have to purchase an entrance pass or show their previously purchased national park pass. If planning to visit more than two national parks, you will save money purchasing an Annual National Park Pass. 

*It is customary to tip 10-20%

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